Frequently Asked Questions

For the artists and the links for buy, stream etc, you can now add a player
To display the player, you must copy and enter the code in the field made for.
Code is the numbers after at_track_

Linksfolios is free ? :

- Yes, linksfolios is completely free and unlimited.

Linksfolios is a social network ? :

- No, linksfolios is not a social network, but a junction site to offer a gateway in only 1 link to several links or networks.

All networks are available ? :

- No, our system is based on Fontawesome, if a network is not available, its beacause Fontawesome does not offer the icon.
For example, the tipeee icon is not available.

Who is this site for ? :

- It is made for everyone with multiple networks.
But it is more useful especially for professionals, youtubers, artists and others.

Why linksfolios ?:

- In the professional field, developers or others where can create a site called a portfolio, a complete site to introduce one's self, present its services and others in one site.
As our site offers mostly links and a messaging system, we took the idea of ​​links and portfolio and as in Dragon Ball Z, the merger gives Linksfolios in the plural.
Качаем софт и игры здесь бесплатно
News and fixed
Hello everyone, we made improvements....
20-01-2019, 15:25
Artstation, faq and others
Hello everyone, Artstation joins the list. We have add a faq....
12-01-2019, 23:27
Alert news !
Today we arrive with heavy since the time we remained silent! We worked hard...
25-07-2018, 05:21
New buttons Mixcloud and Server Discord
New buttons Mixcloud and Server Discord....
1-06-2018, 05:17