Linksfolios will change its name soon, once the final name, you will have to update your links.
Alert news !
Today we arrive with heavy since the time we remained silent! We worked hard...
25-07-2018, 05:21
New buttons Mixcloud and Server Discord
New buttons Mixcloud and Server Discord....
1-06-2018, 05:17
New feature : Radius avatar and buttons
New feature. You can now customize the shape of your avatar and of your...
23-04-2018, 23:11
Spotify, now available !
Hello everyone. Spotify joins the family of networks.....
15-03-2018, 00:21
Why share more than 5 links while it is possible to do it with only 1 link ?
That's what Linksfolios offers, share more than 30 networks, get you an internal and external contact form.
Add your presentation, your partners, your codes and others and much more.
All this for free.
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